Why Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss?

Green Tea for weight loss is not only healthy it is also a powerful anti-oxidant. Green tea helps you lose weight because it is good for your hair, your skin and your digestive system. It contains antioxidant which means it fights off radicals and other harmful elements in your body that lead to disease and deteriorate your health. Green tea assists in digestion by slowing down the process and stimulates metabolism to help you lose weight.

There is one more reason. By eating a high fiber diet and engaging in daily exercise you will reduce your calorie intake without reducing the number of calories you burn. That means you can eat more and still lose weight. In addition to helping you lose weight, Green Tea also helps prevent cancer, aids in blood circulation, is good for your digestion and improves the appearance of your skin.

Green tea has less calories than a cup of coffee and about half the amount of sugar. Studies estimate that drinking one cup of green tea every day will reduce your body weight from approximately two hundred to about five hundred pounds. That is equivalent to losing twelve pounds per year. Drinking two cups of green tea every day will reduce your body fat by about twenty pounds and will prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes.

There are some groups of people that should not drink green tea for weight loss. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, hyperthyroid, epilepsy or glaucoma, you should avoid caffeine as caffeine can worsen these conditions. Also, if you have peripheral arterial occlusive disease you should avoid caffeine as it can thin out your blood vessels. Caffeine can make your heart work faster which raises your blood pressure. This condition can be dangerous and life-threatening.

Another group of people that should steer clear of green tea extract are diabetics, pregnant women, individuals taking antidepressants, and anyone else on medication who should not be consuming caffeine. Green tea extract contains a small amount of caffeine and these small amounts of caffeine can cause adverse effects when taken in high doses. These effects include nervousness, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness and anxiety. If you are pregnant you should avoid drinking caffeine or you could cause damage to your unborn child. If you are on medication, talk to your doctor before adding green tea extract to your daily dose.

The recommended dose of green tea diet is no more than four cups per day. Caffeine can be consumed in several different ways including soft drinks, tea, and capsules. Green tea contains catechins that act on your nervous system when taken in high doses. Taking these amounts of green tea in a single sitting will increase your blood pressure and make you nervous. This is a vicious cycle as your body now thinks it needs the caffeine and increases your blood pressure to get the caffeine.

You have to be careful how much caffeine you take in because eating too much at one time causes a chemical change in your brain, causing you to crave it. Your appetite may also be affected by too much caffeine, so you may eat more than you normally would. If you drink green tea may cause you to want to have larger meals which will be unhealthy for you and will be counterproductive to your green tea diet.

You can avoid too much green tea and still have an effective diet by finding the best way for you to consume the extract. If you do not care for the taste of the extract you can always take a regular cup of tea instead. Tea contains antioxidants that are good for you and will help reduce your cravings. If you are someone who drinks a cup or two of tea with every meal, you may find it helpful to alternate between the extract and tea. Drinking black coffee is also another option to consider when choosing the best way for you to get the nutrients and calories you need.

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