Web Analytics tool?

What are the best Web Analytics tools?


Your website is the beating heart of your company’s online presence, and web analytics is the reliable heart monitor that keeps an eye on it. As with a heart monitor, web analytics show the health of your website. While cardiac monitors can’t solve problems on their own, they can point you in the right direction.

Web analytics provides you with information that allows you to make more informed decisions.

There are always ways of improving, and you will need to know what they are to make them better. Web analytics tools allow you to get this data, so you know what your customers want so you can give it to them and bring in more business. Here will review ten great Web Analytics tools and give you a head start so you can focus on improving your business.


What is the significance of web analytics?

Web analytics provides information on how users interact with your website. This is important because your company’s content site is its most valuable marketing asset. It can tell your brand story, explain services, sell products, or educate potential customers. 

Every site has a purpose; understanding what people are doing on it and whether they’re engaging with the customer is important.


What are the benefits of web analytics software?

  • Monitor Traffic and conversation 
  • view leads from social media
  • Customer information
  • Insight user Behavior 
  • performance tracking 




Today, the power of an online presence is no longer in question—as a marketer, you cannot afford to ignore analytics. What’s important is that you choose the right analytics tool for your needs. Oribi, a web analytics solution specially developed for marketers, grants effortless access to all relevant data and helps them turn data into actionable insights.

With its ready-to-use features as well as its personalized ones, Oribi is bound to be your partner in supporting your everyday marketing efforts.


  • Increase their conversions.
  • Build funnels, track visitor behavior, analyze conversions and more – no coding required.
  • Generate gorgeous reports in a matter of minutes.
  • Optimize their Google and Facebook campaigns.



Google Analytics


Google Analytics will likely appeal to new website owners. The service is free and requires no installation of difficult software. Customers can view their account through a mobile device or on the Google Analytics website, which offers much more in-depth visualizations of the data generated, including heat maps that show which areas of your site visitors prefer to browse. Because it’s owned by Google, it’s tightly integrated with AdSense and AdWords.

This provides the ability to easily import data from these ad programs into Google Analytics for deeper integration with other services such as Search Console.


starts free but if you upgrade it will be expensive




Hotjar is a cloud-based customer journey automation and insight solution that helps companies maximize their marketing spend without sacrificing quality. We help brands analyze, track and report customer journey data in real time—using powerful business intelligence tools—and deliver actionable insights to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Hotjar empowers companies to automate customer acquisition, retention, onboarding and closing – while automatically connecting the dots between the tools used to interact with these prospective customers across the consumer journey.





Dreamdata gives businesses the ability to monitor, analyze and control their marketing spend in real-time. Using the platform, small businesses can monitor the performance of different marketing channels and react accordingly—not just on a weekly basis but on an hourly basis as well. 


This gives business owners valuable insight into how they are performing in relation to their competition; allowing them to make improvements and take advantage of opportunities that come up in particular trade markets or locations.





Marketing teams need to be able to monitor all the channels they work with. This allows the team to easily analyze performance and determine where improvement can be made. Teams can also use their data analysis and reporting capabilities to monitor a single channel, which allows them to further optimize their campaigns. With Singular, marketers have access to proprietary attribution and analytics software that enables them to: *Measure & report on all the channels they work with, including social media, paid channels, content channels, etc. * Analyze ROI with combined attribution and cost aggregation





It’s a powerful tool for businesses looking to run a high-performance marketing campaign. We use it to deliver information to our target market in a personalized way, using their data to create specific and dynamic content, in order to improve our chances of achieving a sale.





One of the major issues marketing departments face is that they are not able to deliver a seamless brand experience across all channels. With CleverTap, this issue is no longer an issue. 

Instead of having to use several different tools for user tracking, CleverTap allows marketers to track user behavior across both web and mobile platforms easily. I would recommend CleverTap to anyone looking to take their business analytics to the next level.


The Account-Based Marketing platform is the only one that offers a built-in data warehouse and analytics. With support for all major data sources, the Terminus platform is perfect for any company that wants to move from disconnected tools to a single source of truth for all their marketing and sales data.


Adobe Analytics


Cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes collect, measure and understand the impact of their marketing activities on customers.




Chartbeat is one of the best ways to get real-time analytics on your content’s performance. It lets me know if my most important posts of the day are getting scrolled past or disappearing into the abyss. It helps me to make decisions about what content to publish and when.


Finding the best web analytic tools can be a hustle and we understand that deeply. We did our best to compile a great list of resources to ensure you have a great understanding.

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