The Worst Advice About Career You’ve Ever Heard

The Worst Advice About Career Youve Ever Heard

The Worst Advice About Career You’ve Ever Heard

If you are seeking employment, you might have received one or two pieces of worst advice about career.

Your peers may have told you that you would be a great engineer if only you had a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Or maybe they told you that you would make a great graphic designer if only you had a degree in marketing.

Bad advice is everywhere and it can prevent you from pursuing the occupation in the direction that is best for you.

If you listen to bad advice, you may not get the most out of your career. You may even leave your job without advancing.

Career Advice sites abound on the internet. The advice can be divided into two categories: good advice and bad advice.

Good Career advisors are there for you to find a job that fits with your qualifications and talents. These advisors often offer unbiased advice that may help you determine which jobs are rewarding and which may not be.

They can also assist you with resume writing, interviewing techniques and selecting the best job in a competitive job market. Advice such as these can be invaluable to a job seeker.

Bad Advice Some bad advice comes from people who know best. Unfortunately, those who have been trained to give bad advice have usually spent years in the field and know what works and what doesn’t. While some of this advice may be helpful, most is just wrong or out of date. Career advisors that give bad career advice often don’t have the experience required to successfully train someone in the latest styles and methods.

What Are the worst advice about career you’ve ever heard? One example is from a well-meaning boss who said, “Your job title is really important.” The boss’s comment confused me because in the real world, the title of an employee’s position has nothing to do with his or her actual skill level. The skills a person has are irrelevant when it comes to landing a job. If the boss believes in the importance of a title, maybe he should sit down and ask the CVs of all his employees what their job titles are. Hopefully, they will have some great career advice for him to follow.

Bad Advice from Career Advisors Sometimes, a career advisor will give bad advice. Unfortunately, some advisors have a financial stake in helping someone find a bad job, so they’ll tell a client that it’s pointless to try to improve their current skills and hope for changes in a bad economy. Honestly, what advice would you follow? Going into a new career with absolutely no prior knowledge of the skills required is risky.

Another problem with career advisors giving bad advice is that they often don’t understand the human mind and the complications involved in changing careers. It’s easy to spin a bunch of nonsense when you’re dealing with the human brain. When you have a career advisor giving bad advice, you could end up spending years at a new career without learning anything. Even worse, you could wind up damaging your chances of success with the new career.

If you want to avoid getting the worst advice about career you’ve ever received, avoid working with advisors who only offer “quick-fixes” or who seem to prefer to meet with you for a one-on-one session instead of offering career-support services. Find a mentor who can teach you how to develop your own abilities and how to navigate the complicated world of finding a good job. You’ll be much better off for it. You’ll also have more time on your hands!

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