The Best Fruit for Keto Diets

Keto-Friendly Fruits and Smoothies are a healthy alternative to your traditional high-glycemic load fruits and vegetables. Since we do not store excess sugars or fats in our bodies, our body converts them into the form of ketones which are better for our health. Keto-Friendly Fruits and Smoothies are some of the healthiest and most delicious fruits available. If you are planning to shed some pounds with the help of a supplement or diet plan, Keto-Friendly Fruits and Smoothies are a great choice.

KetoFriendly Fruit

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods around. It is loaded with Vitamins and minerals that will benefit your body in more ways than one. However, one of its greatest benefits is its highly efficient use as a source of carbs and protein. For instance, tomatoes are the perfect source of carbs. As far as proteins are concerned, tomatoes are ranked at the top in this category. When added to your diet, tomatoes help you feel full for a longer time thereby reducing the risk of overeating.

Avocados: The next best thing to eating fruit on the keto diet. It has the second highest amount of carbs after water. While it is slightly less fibrous than bananas, it has just the right amount of proteins and fibers. This is a good choice to eat fruit on the keto diet because aside from being a great source of carbs, it can also be used for protein and fiber.

Lemons: One of the fruits that can perfectly be included in the diet is lemons. Because of its high potassium and sodium content, lemons are also considered to be a great addition to the ketogenic diet. It is loaded with the minerals and vitamins that your body needs. Moreover, you can use lemons in drinks and desserts because it’s got the right amount of sugars.

Berries: Berries are another choice to eat when trying to lose weight. They are rich in antioxidants which can fight off the harmful effects of free radicals. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. If you have been struggling with digestion problems, then strawberries and bilberries can help you since they have a high fiber content and vitamin c.

Tomatoes: Just like bananas, tomatoes are also one of the diabetic friendly fruits to eat. While it does not have the fiber and vitamin c that some other fruits offer, it can still lower your blood sugar by up to 4 percent. However, do remember that the tomato is a good choice to eat if you are trying to lose weight since it has a high amount of water. It can help you detoxify and eliminate waste from your body.

Peaches: If you love peaches and enjoy eating them on a regular basis, then you will love peaches! Because of their high level of natural sweetness, peaches are a great choice to eat. However, peaches do contain high amounts of natural sugar which may cause excessive amounts of thirst, especially if you are trying to go on a keto diet. In order to curb this, including vitamin C into your daily fruit intake can help keep you hydrated.

Avocados: Avocados are one of the favorite fruits of people who are trying to lose weight. Although it does not technically fall under fruits when it comes to the dictionary, but if you read the nutritional facts, it can definitely count as one. It is rich in fiber, which is a good thing, since it can slow down your digestive process. Since avocados also have a high amount of water content, this fruit is excellent for people trying to make sure that they stay hydrated while on a keto diet. Although this fruit does contain high amounts of calories, it has a low Glycemic Index (GI) and very low fat content. If you are looking for a high quality fruit that can provide you with many nutritional benefits, then avocados are one of the best options.

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