Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

Is diet soda bad for you? The question has been on many people’s lips over the last year or so as the soft drink industry has seen a steady rise in sales. But does drinking diet soda have any real health benefits whatsoever? Or is it just another marketing ploy to increase sales?

Is Diet Soda Bad for You

First, what is diet soda? Well, depending on who you ask, it can vary. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Michael Shechter suggested that diet coke (soda) should be avoided by diabetics, pregnant women, and anyone else with a sensitive palate.

However, there are other ways of interpreting what is diet soda. For example, some nutritionists point out that some brands of diet coke contain large amounts of caffeine, which can make you hyper, jittery, and less productive.

So, how can diet coke affect your weight gain or weight loss? Some experts claim that the ingredients in diet sodas are empty calories that do not contribute to weight gain in any way. Others say that even though the calories are “empty,” the calories absorbed by the body do add up to weight gain, especially when a person eats large quantities of those empty calories over time.

There is some evidence that drinking diet soda may have some small positive effects on one’s health. For example, the manufacturing process used to create diet sodas does slightly alter the chemical composition of some naturally occurring chemicals, reducing the likelihood of their being exposed to harmful side effects.

Experts agree that the long-term consumption of those chemicals poses serious risks to health. In fact, consuming those chemicals on a regular basis could lead to some kinds of cancer.

When you drink diet coke, you will probably feel less hungry, and you will likely consume fewer calories than you would if you ate a healthy meal. The effect on your weight isn’t immediately obvious, however, as it will take a few weeks to adjust your eating habits to see any weight gain.

That’s because when you make small changes to your diet, it can have a large effect on your metabolism. Eventually, when you are making larger changes, the pounds will start to drop off.

Your diet has a big impact on your overall health, as well. It affects how much energy you have throughout the day and how alert you feel. It can even affect the chemicals that are released into your body, keeping your heart from functioning poorly.

Some scientists believe that diet sodas actually increase the amount of fat that is churned into the blood, adding to the problem of high cholesterol levels. Those extra calories may add up to weight gain over time.

Some experts believe that a diet soda that contains just caffeine is acceptable. Others, though, warn that there may be too much caffeine in that one cup to be good for your health. They recommend that you drink your coke with a regular cup of coffee instead.

As a matter of fact, caffeine itself may be worse for you than the calories of diet cola, as some studies have shown. Caffeine can be easily abused, leading to problems such as anxiety, insomnia, trouble concentrating, and even depression.

There’s no doubt that you have a personal preference when it comes to diet soda. If you enjoy the taste and don’t care for the caffeine, you will be fine. However, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of disease and weight gain, switch to a non-caffeinated version. You’ll enjoy the way it tastes and the fact that it’s good for you.

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