Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Black Pepper is considered as a stimulant spice and has gained immense popularity in recent times. Its active ingredient – Piperine – helps to increase metabolic rate. This helps in burning fats faster and gives an effective solution to people who are looking to lose weight. The active ingredient has been found to have antioxidant properties, which are very important for our body. It also helps our body in getting rid of toxins.

Black pepper is considered as a very powerful and potent spice that can be added to our diet in large quantities to gain many health benefits. To spice up the diet, mix two teaspoons of rock salt with a tablespoon of honey. Now keep for about 20 minutes to allow the mixture to dry. Stuff fluffy and moisturized mane with this mixture and enjoy. These are just some of the many health benefits of black pepper, which have made it an increasingly popular dietary supplement.

An excellent weight loss aid, this spice also helps in enhancing appetite. Black pepper powder is used for many culinary purposes, but its main function remains weight loss. With the help of antioxidants, your body burns fat more efficiently. As a result, you feel energetic and glowing all over. This makes you crave for food even more and thereby you shed excess amount of weight easily.

This spice is one of the most widely used spice in the world. In India and Pakistan, people use this spice in a large number of recipes. It is said that turmeric is one of the oldest medicines in the world and has been able to cure various diseases and disorders. Turmeric also contains lots of antioxidants which help fight disease and keep you healthy. Along with antioxidants, ground black pepper also contains lots of vitamin A, C and E which help prevent degenerative eye diseases.

Though there is no research yet on the effectiveness of this spice in fighting cancer, a research was conducted on rats which were infected with prostate cancer. During the study, it was found out that pepper extract killed the cancerous rats. The extract had also been proved to reduce blood sugar level very effectively in the rats. So, this spice could be helpful in preventing the growth of cancerous cells.

Black pepper has several health benefits which help in treating several conditions like inflammation, colds, flu, arthritis and heart problems. This is one of the most effective natural anti inflammatory drugs. It can reduce swelling of the joints, relieve muscle pain and provide soothing effect on the rashes caused by rashes. So, black pepper can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent to treat arthritis and joint pain.

Another health benefits compound of this spice is the polyphenol compound. This polyphenol compound contains Cinnamaldehyde which acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps in getting rid of different harmful free radicals. This compound has been found out to be useful in preventing damage to the DNA cells caused by free radical activity. The antioxidants formed due to Cinnamaldehyde are helpful in getting rid of other harmful free radicals that may cause damage to other vital organs in our body.

Though black pepper is a spice, it should not be confused with white pepper which is the normal spice we use in daily life. As compared to white pepper, black is a healthier variety because black contains more beneficial compounds in comparison to white pepper. Black pepper contains more polyphenols and Cinnamaldehyde which are helpful in getting rid of different harmful free radicals and thereby preventing damage to our DNA cells. The above mentioned Health Benefits of Black Pepper will surely help in increasing the overall wellness of your body.

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