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Reading is a skill that can be developed and nurtured by parents and teachers. It is important to provide children with the best tools and resources for learning, such as books.

Kids love reading. The key to getting them reading more often is to make reading a habit. Reading should be made fun of so that they will start to develop this habit without you even trying.

Here are some tips

  1. Have fun with the letters
    Children love to copy words onto paper. Write your child’s name down and have them copy themselves with alphabet stamps, stickers, or magnets. Encourage him to “write” his words using letters. write letters backward, write seemingly haphazardly, and can hold their marker oddly – it’s “fine” at this age when a child wants to communicate in writing of any kind.
  2. Which word starts with …
    Connecting with letters is one of the first steps in reading. Play and guess your child’s favorite words. What letter does “ppppirate” begin with? How about “Mmmommy”? correctly, see how many words you can find together that start with the same letter.
  3. Your child the author
    Three-year-olds can be talkative, and by the age of four, it can be difficult to get a bold word. Take advantage of your child’s interest in speaking by writing a book together. Start with something simple, like describing a fun day at the park or visiting friends. Staple a few sheets of paper together and write a sentence or two from your child on each page. So read her the story and let her illustrate it.
  4. Another way to read
    Reading to your child is fine, but what’s even better is what is called “dialogic” reading. This is when you ask your child to participate in the story. Before continuing, ask your child what he thinks will happen next. You can also ask your child how they might have finished the book otherwise. For example, with the classic corduroy book, what if the little girl hadn’t come back and brought the corduroy home from the toy store?
  5. Take out the letters
    Children are tactile and enjoy some activities more than hitting objects with a stick. Many preschools encourage children to make letters with Play-Doh or draw them in sand or clay. The next time you go out to the park, the beach, or in the snow, use your surroundings to play with letters. Take turns writing letters in the snow, dirt, or sand.
  6. The Facts
    Try to get your child interested in non-fiction books. At the library or bookstore, find books on your child’s favorite subjects. Cars, dinosaurs, dogs, and other subjects are covered in level books with many pictures, specially designed for children of this age.
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